​How to Drive MASSIVE External Traffic to Increase Your Amazon Sales

​​Dr Travis Zigler

​​Travis is back! After his super-popular talk on PPC earlier this year, we are delighted to welcome Dr Travis Zigler back to the ScaleForEtail stage to share his method for generating e-commerce sales from external traffic, including Google.

Have you ever tried to generate sales from PPC or organic traffic?

Maybe you've set up some Google PPC campaigns but the cost was too high. Or you set up some pages, but never generated any organic traffic.

Travis has proven method to work out what to say on your pages, how to set them up and how to promote them to start generating immediate sales... sometimes more cost-effectively than Amazon PPC.

​​If you're interested in increasing your sales and brand exposure, this is the webinar for you.

During this session, Travis will cover:

​⭐ How to increase Amazon sales from external traffic... even if you've failed at it before
​⭐ How to profit more with external ads - yes, they can be more profitable than Amazon ads!
​⭐ How to bulletproof your business to make future product launches easier
​⭐ How to set-up, track and troubleshoot your campaigns

​​This webinar will summarise content which Travis originally presented in a 3 week course. At the end of the session he will also provide a link to a more detailed method which you can use as your step-by-step guide. What's the charge? Nothing. It's free to all attendees. We 🧡 Travis and I'm sure you will too!

Register today and join the community on Thursday afternoon.

​Webinar presented by Dr Travis Zigler, introduced by Shelley and Christian from ScaleForEtail.

Free webinars made possible by support from Payoneer. If you have not got a Payoneer account yet there's a $100 sign up bonus available if you use the ScaleForEtail link: http://www.smarturl.it/payoneer100

  • ​Thursday,​ ​​​​​​​​17th September 2020
  • ​​​​​02:00​​​​pm


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