Meet Our Team


Educator in Chief

Having enjoyed an International Corporate career in Training and People Development, I came into this with the added bonus of understanding Retail, Manufacturing and Internet businesses.

In 5 years we have spent thousands of pounds on our education so that we could learn fast and hard. We made mistakes, learned that Amazon is a captivating platform with enormous volume, but to succeed - building a BRAND around products that consumers LOVE - is everything! We have 3 brands that feature on page one. At every goalpost, we break our previous record! We hit our financial targets and have a clear path for growth. Now, we want to teach others to grow brands that people love because ultimately that cannot be easily copied or traded away and that’s how to build long term prosperity.


Retail and Systems Warrior

After more than a decade working on business and web systems Christian turned his attention to Amazon in 2013 and is now an established 7-figure seller, well experienced with the ins and outs of Amazon’s systems.


Chief Numbers Guy

Data drives decisions is my favourite motto. Whilst we both do most things within the business, I look after day to day, week to week sales and product management, as well as advertising, dealing with suppliers and inventory management. I leave the fluffy stuff to Shelley, but we both love consumer branding and I particularly enjoy creative funky copy that really speaks to customers.

You’ve got to be on your game to succeed, but it’s so rewarding when you do.  It’s a serious business; you don’t need tons of cash or previous experience, but you do need hunger and smarts and above all determination. We learned an early lesson; the difference between those that succeed and those that don’t is that they invest in their personal network and education.


Brand Building Ninja

Ash has spent over 15 years building systems and processes as a "Tech Head" in the Finance industry. Since 2015 this multi-talented entrepreneur and his team have now turned their hand at building a 7-figure eCommerce brand. Ash spends his 18 hour days splitting his time between scaling his eCommerce businesses, helping his wife and raising his two young sons. He’s always willing to help people starting out, other startup businesses gain momentum and established businesses scale. Reach out to him anytime to see how he can help you.

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