Level up your Amazon PPC and Optimise Q4

Alexander Swade and Jim Mann

Are your PPC campaigns ready for Q4?

Have you mastered the art of using PPC to launch, grow and dominate on Amazon?

Would you like to learn from a PPC expert who manages campaigns for thousands of products and hundreds of brands?

Join us on the 21st October and level up your PPC-jitsu. Simply register - it's free!

Our speaker is Alexander Swade, director of Amazon Advertising Operations at Thrasio. He and his team manage PPC campaigns for thousands of products from 200+ brands in six countries. Large scale PPC became his passion when he worked on the advertising accounts of Airbnb and Dufry & Co back in his agency days and he has applied his skills and attention to getting the most out of Amazon Advertising - and now he's here to share those insights with you.

Webinar content subject to change. This session is introduced by Shelley and Christian from ScaleForEtail, presented by Jim Mann and Alexander Swade from Thrasio. ScaleForEtail is sponsored by Thrasio - if you are thinking of selling your business then get in touch with them at thrasio.com

Register now and we'll see you soon!

The ScaleForEtail Team
Christian and Shelley

  • Thursday, 21st October



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