2022 Strategies to Stay Stocked in Q4

Chelsea Cohen

Have you got your stock sorted for Christmas?

Do you have a plan to keep stock moving?

Learn from Chelsea Cohen, 7-figure Amazon seller, Amazon consultant, international speaker and co-founder of SoStocked

Are you ready for Q4?

Join us and make sure you haven't missed anything from your Christmas list!

Webinar content subject to change. This session is introduced by Shelley and Christian from ScaleForEtail, presented by Chelsea Cohen from SoStocked.

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  • Thursday, 4th November

Event Agenda
Join us to learn:

  • How to manage inventory in Q4 - how much do you need and where should it be?  
  • Logistics issues revealed - with tips and hacks to solve them quickly!
  • How to manage your cash flow to avoid the pain of stock-outs without breaking the bank

Chelsea's insights into the Amazon system mean that she can also share secrets about:

  • RESTOCK LIMITS: what influences Amazon’s restock levels and how you can improve them!
  • SYSTEMISING LOGISTICS: discover the best ways to track inventory levels, orders, transfers and KPIs... and how to avoid common mistakes that lead to stock-outs.
  • IF THE WORST HAPPENS: how to avoid disaster - steps you can take to avoid trashing your metrics if you run out of stock.

Chelsea will also reveal cost-saving tweaks and ways to overhaul your logistics to thrive amidst supply chain & restock limit chaos.


Speakers Bio

Our speaker is Chelsea Cohen, who many of you may already know or seen speak at international conferences. She has direct experience of being a large Amazon seller, as well as insight from her business at SoStocked.

Amazon's FBA storage policies mean that we can't just be marketers or product developers. We must also be great inventory managers and run an efficient supply chain - especially in Q4. Predicting the perfect stock levels might seem like a magic art, but it's an essential part of running your business. Chelsea will reveal her secrets and show you how she manages her business.


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