How to boss your Brand Marketing like Cara Sayer

Presented by Cara Sayer

aka "How to leave your competition in the (Snooze)shade"

Do you need to know how to build an army of raving fans?.

Could your brand marketing work better for you?

What could you learn from a detailed case study of brand development?

Learning from the successes and failures of others will save you time and money (and more than a little heartache!).

Cara Sayer is well-known in the community for inventing Snoozeshade to solve a problem she experienced with her daughter. From those home-spun beginnings, Cara grew her brand and is going to share with you here experiences and recommendations

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The ScaleForEtail Team
Christian and Shelley

  • Thursday, 26th May

Event Agenda
Join us on this webinar to:

  • how to use smart marketing at different stages of brand growth
  • what works and doesn't work when using social media to market your brand
  • how to attract and get most value out of influencers
  • how to test and scale Google Ad spend
  • what to do when you're so popular that copycats start popping up



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