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How to increase your sales by Ranking on Google

Presented by Matt Davies

Do you dream of breaking free from selling on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay?

Does your dream die when you realise you have no idea how to rank on Google or draw in customers?

We've been there and felt that too, which is why we brought in Matt Davies to help the community!

Matt has been working in SEO for almost 15 years and helped e-commerce (and Amazon focused) companies like yours to improve their search rank, to attract and convert new customers. Imagine that... customers where you own the relationship! Revolutionary 💪

Matt has generously agreed to come and share his top tips with ScaleForEtail, so you can learn how to go from zero to hero with your own website's search rank. There are nuggets here for all levels of experience and digital marketing tips valid for every business. This is a session you don't want to miss.

  • Thursday, 30th June

Event Agenda
Join us on this webinar to:

  • The difference between ranking on Amazon and Google - so you can optimise both of them
  • The single best structure and style to use for your e-commerce websites
  • How to get inside the mindset of every searcher - so you can draw in the relevant ones
  • The relevance and impact of user interface on SEO and sales
  • Matt's personal checklist for auditing your own site before you hit the accelerator



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