Simple Sales Booster

Stephanie Fox & Jim Mann

Are you ready to boost your sales by 15% in 90 days?

Sometimes you want to get your teeth into something new and complicated. Sometimes you want to push the boundaries of the platforms you sell on, or flirt with the cutting edge.

And sometimes you just want more sales. In a simple, repeatable way.

No hacks. No tricks. Just simple, "obvious when you think about it", steps to follow that will boost your sales.

We are delighted to welcome ScaleForEtail regular, Jim Mann, and Thrasio COO, Stephanie Fox to the Scaleforetail stage. Thrasio manage dozens of brands on Amazon, and they have a process they apply to boost every brand. This process optimises costs and increases conversions in 90 days. More sales, more eyeballs, less cost... what's not to love? In this webinar they will lift the lid on their process and share 10 of their most impactful tasks with you.

This event is free and a full replay will also be available to everybody that registers. There's no time like the present, so register today!

Webinar presented by Stephanie Fox and Jim Mann, introduced by Shelley and Christian from ScaleForEtail. Content subject to change.

The ScaleForEtail Team
Christian and Shelley

  • Thursday, 08th July

Event Agenda
Join to learn Thrasio’s Most Impactful Conveyor Belt Tasks, including:

  • Change page browsers into buyers! How changing one element boosted conversion rate by 40%.
  • Eye on the bottom line: how half an inch can save you thousands.
  • Simple settings changes that could reduce your fees on EVERY FBA unit.
  • The smart way to approach pricing and coupons.
  • Get more traffic - how to stand out in Amazon search results.
  • Deal or no deal? How to approach lightning deals and other Amazon offers.
  • GOAL! How to manage ad spend to reach your goals.
  • ...and much more!



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