​How to Expand into ​Retail

​Amy Wees & Talor Ofer

​​​​New year, new goals, new dreams. So dream BIG.

​​Open your mind and expand your business beyond Amazon.

⭐ Amazon represents about 5% of retail in the USA, less in some countries
⭐ Accessing the other 95% is easier than you think... if you know how!

​Talor and Amy have a full 5 week course which goes into the detail of how to unlock the retail channel, but we have convinced them to create ​two special presentations for ScaleForEtail members.

This first session is a webinar like the ones we ran throughout 2020. Roughly one hour of great content from expert speakers.

​​Join us on the 7th January to learn:

​⭐ what channels you should consider
⭐ the size of the opportunity
⭐ who to contact, and how to find them
⭐ what retail buyers expect from you, and how to provide it
⭐ how to present your products to maximise interest and sales
⭐ how working with retail buyers differs from B2C

​For those that would like to get a more detailed view of the process, we have a half-day Retail Masterclass event on the 14th January:

​Click here for more details

​Who are the speakers?​


​Talor Ofer has been selling products to retailers since 2005. He used to live in China and was a part of a group that sold millions of $ to retailers in the USA. He is now the founder of Retail Empire, which teaches marketplace entrepreneurs how to expand into big box and speciality retailers.

Amy has not one but THREE 7-figure brands and also provides business coaching through Amazing at Home Business Consulting. Her coaching is focused on helping brands develop unique products, validate them in the marketplace, source at profitable margins and launch those products online: all with amazing brand messaging, copywriting, and SEO.

Register for free today and join us on the 7th January. See you there!

  • ​Thursday,​ ​​​​​​​​​​​7th ​​​January 202​1
  • ​​​​​​​​03:00​​​​​​pm


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