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​Consistent Business Growth Masterclass

​Tim ​Goodwin

​Do you want to see consistent, steady growth in your e-commerce businesses?

​No matter if you're on Amazon, Shopify, or eBay. Newbie seller, product startup, or grizzled and hardened e-comm veteran, I'm sure you'd love to have an e-commerce business that flies straight after launch.

​Join us in this day-long masterclass to get unprecedented access to Tim Goodwin, creator of Lean Greens. Over the past 8 years Tim has experienced all the different realities of creating and running an e-commerce business. He will share the systems and marketing practices he installed at Lean Greens that enabled the business to survive and experience steady growth - while many other businesses failed. He’ll share his 3 pillars of growth and the strategies and systems he uses every day to grow revenue and profit. He’ll go into detail of how you too can implement your own 3 pillar strategies to see consistent growth in your business.

Don't waste your time and money stumbling towards something that MAY work. Spend a day with us, learn from Tim and plan for success.

  • Wed, 1st Apr 2020
  • 10:00am to 5:00pm


​Session 1: Intro to the 3 pillars and how every business can grow consistently by using them daily.

Session 2: Increasing Frequency of Purchase

  • Simple tricks to increase the perceived value 
  • ​Delivery and unboxing experience
  • ​Consumption/onboarding experience with email marketing strategies (including the full onboarding email sequence we use at Lean Greens)
  • ​Eliminating refunds despite having the most wide-open guarantee in our industry
  • ​Discount ladders - never give discounts to people who don't want them.
  • ​Recurring billing products for practically any business - and why I focus on them EVERY day
  • ​PPC strategies for repeat purchases, segmenting your customers for maximum ROAS
  • ​Broadcast emails that encourage repeat purchases without annoying your customers

Session 3: Increasing Cart Value

  • ​The highest-priced product strategy
  • ​Bundling for maximizing cart value
  • ​Simple upsell strategy for 20% increase at checkout
  • ​Increasing subscription revenue
  • ​How new products increase average cart value (with a big caveat)
  • ​PPC strategies for increased cart value.

Session 4: New Customer Acquisition

  • ​Why new customer acquisition comes last
  • ​Big discounts create bad customers
  • ​The key metrics for sustainable growth, knowing how much you can spend on acquiring a new customer.
  • ​Ad creatives, Landing pages and getting the OFFER right?
  • ​Testing price points and how elastic price is
  • ​FREE shipping or no FREE shipping?
  • ​Why every Shopify store should run its affiliate program
  • ​Tim's simple 3 campaign Facebook Ads strategy explained in 10 minutes.

​ Session 5: Workshop

  • ​Building out your own 3 pillars strategy
  • ​Implementing it in your weekly business development.


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ScaleForEtail - Tim Goodwin

Speaker Bio

​Tim Goodwin, creator of Lean Greens, a premium nutritional supplement brand based in the UK​. When most other businesses would have failed, the systems and marketing practices he installed at Lean Greens helps the business survived and is now consistently experiencing steady growth

​Tim​ has been a regular attendee at ScaleForEtail events over the last few years but this event, however, will be very different. You will learn directly from a home grown, UK based e-commerce business, that works both on and off Amazon.

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Full Day​​ Consistent Business Growth Masterclass

  • ​Session 1: Intro to the 3 pillars and how every business can grow consistently by using them daily.
  • Session 2: Increasing Frequency of Purchase
  • ​Session 3: Increasing Cart Value
  • ​Session 4: New Customer Acquisition
  • ​Session 5: Workshop
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