​Email Marketing 101

​Tim ​Goodwin

​How much emphasis do you place on Email Marketing for your physical products business?

​Like many businesses it's always the thing that gets neglected. But it can be a lifeline, especially in times where ad costs are crazy high, and highly competitive.

Tim Goodwin will be sharing his email marketing strategies, his unique style of emails and how to start building your lists.

​He's successfully written 100's if not 1000's of emails over the last 8 years selling the same product. All without annoying his customers and creating a community of people who actually look forward to reading them.

In tough times, email marketing has been the revenue generating action when there's no money for ads. In good times they are tool to multiply repeat business, and increase cart value.

Come join Tim Goodwin and the ScaleForEtail team next Thursday for a webinar on Email Marketing 101

  • ​Thursday, ​9th Apr 2020
  • ​2:00pm


  • ​Why discounts and offers are not the core reason to email
  • ​How to consistently get 25-45% open rates
  • ​Examples of live email campaigns
  • ​How to start writing an email
  • ​List building for Amazon and Non-Amazon sellers


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Speaker Bio

​Tim Goodwin, creator of Lean Greens, a premium nutritional supplement brand based in the UK​. When most other businesses would have failed, the systems and marketing practices he installed at Lean Greens helps the business survived and is now consistently experiencing steady growth

​Tim​ has been a regular attendee at ScaleForEtail events over the last few years but this event, however, will be very different. You will learn directly from a home grown, UK based e-commerce business, that works both on and off Amazon.


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