3 Skills Vital to Success on Amazon

Shawn Hart and Seth Stevens

There are three key skills vital to success on Amazon.

If you are a beginner, nailing these from day one will save you a lot of time - and a lot of money.

If you are already selling on Amazon then improving these skills will help you be more consistent and multiply your profits.

What are the skills?

Product Selection: What should you sell?
Launch & Rank: How do you get seen on Amazon?
Profitability: How do you make more money?

Shawn Hart and Seth Stevens from Quick Fast Hurry have their own ideas about how to master these three skills, bang up to date for 2020. And they're ready to share them on this week's webinar.

Key highlights of what they're hoping to cover in the time available:

How to grow quickly and profitably without giving up control to Amazon
How to filter out the noise and get to what's working NOW
Some of the exact procedures that they use every day

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  • Thursday, 30th Apr 2020
  • 03:00pm


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