Mastermind With Kevin King

  • Mastermind With Kevin King
     14th June 2018
     1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Mastermind with Kevin King – This is where the rubber meets the road. This is not our usual night time event that lasts a couple hours. This is a whole afternoon masterminding with a massive Amazon player.  The quality of this event cannot be downplayed. Kevin mentioned to us that he thinks the first 20 minutes will be worth the ticket price alone!

Here’s the full run down from the man himself.

⭐️ A quick appetiser… some of Kevin’s favourite time-saving extensions
⭐️ More than a dozen quick hacks that will more than pay for your admission
⭐️ How Kevin never gets hijacked, including a reveal of his actual products
⭐️ How to get rid of pesky 1-star reviews
⭐️ The easy way to get the Amazon Choice badge
⭐️ How you can get Amazon to pay you thousands it owes you
⭐️ The Amazon approved method to put videos in follow-up emails to customers
⭐️ A little-known tool and step-by-step tactic to increase your sales by 15-20%
⭐️ Rank your Amazon images on page 1 of Google images (with link back to your listing)
⭐️ Tools and methods Kevin used to take a product from 5 sales a day to 47 sales a day, all organically
⭐️ How to crush it using Facebook to Amazon, tracking everything and only running winners
⭐️ Eight tactics and strategies you can take to the bank when doing product launches
⭐️ How to replace a really bad super-critical review with a nice one
⭐️ The best ways to get influencers to promote you (often for free)
⭐️ How to get your Chinese supplier to give you £100,000 in credit
⭐️ …and, perhaps most importantly, the chance to ask Kevin any questions directly and benefit from first-hand answers

So, there are quite a few appetizers in there that we cannot deliberate on yet. But there are clear points that stand on their own. The ones that are getting us excited are the following.

Have you ever noticed Amazon refunding ridiculous amounts? Lost stock? Miscalculated FBA fees? Wrong reason for giving a refund? There are masses more that we can claim back that we don’t know about, not just the 40 day refund window. Refunds from Amazon – back thousands that are owed to you!

Do you want to know how to never get hijacked again? You may have pushed off a few hijackers in your time. You may have even had a hijacker come and go within a day or so. But, the time lost on the buy box when added up over a year can be massive. Manny Coats did an article on this and you want to come to the event and save valuable time by never getting hijacked again.

Want to increase sales by 15-20%? That is a huge claim! We are talking about potentially adding another salary to your pocket here. Taking a product from 5 sales per day to 47 per day completely organically is something you definitely need to know. Organic sales are the keystone to a profitable business. Getting your full margin is so important for cash flow and investing in new products and growing your business.

Do you know how to use Facebook tracking effectively? What the heck is the Facebook pixel and how do you configure it? Knowing your customer on a granular level is how to win big in this business nowadays. If you’re not laser targeting then you’re just missing the target and throwing your money down the drain. Facebook is and will still be a massive driving force for knowing who your customer is AND getting additional off platform sales!

How can influencers and micro influencers impact your business massively? Imagine an army of thirsty copy writers who love to share products they get with masses of people! That’s influencer marketing and it is a serious weapon for your arsenal in long term marketing and brand awareness campaigns!

Any more questions? Then the all important Q&A. This is where you bring your problems to the table and it is solved by an eCommerce legend! Start preparing your questions now. Remember this is an extended Q&A at a very high level where you can get Kevin to help you in the current problems you are having in your business. Even just listening to others problems you will be sure to learn a bunch.

This day is ScaleForEtail’s biggest day ever! We’ve got in a big gun and he’s gonna deliver some serious high level content. The value given in this day alone is enough to add 10’s of thousands of pounds to your business! If you haven’t already reached the million pound club then you definitely could with the help of the knowledge dropped in this mastermind. We are not overstating when we say this cannot be missed!

The FIRST MOVER tickets have already sold out. A limited number of EARLY BIRD TICKETS are still available for just £349.99, get them while you can! Note that this is the third of three consecutive events we are hosting featuring Kevin King. You are welcome to attend more than one event!

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