Secrets of an Influencer: How to Turn Influencers into Brand Promoters

Featuring Gracey Ryback

How do you connect with strangers and interest them in your brand?

What if you could get influencers (with big audiences) to think of your brand as their brand? So they promote it to their followers and do everything they can to boost your success.

Join us as Gracey Ryback blows open the doors and explains the secrets of working with influencers.

Gracey is an Amazon Influencer & Amazon Live content creator with a community of over a million followers across Tik Tok and 6+ additional platforms.

She will show you why influencer marketing is the next vital step for your brand and the secrets to succeed with it on Tik Tok and Amazon Live.

  • Thursday, 3rd November

Event Agenda
Join us on this webinar to learn:

  • How to approach influencers and secure their attention (with examples).
  • How much (and when) to pay and how to negotiate the fee
  • How to develop a repeat relationship (and how to decide when it's worthwhile)
  • How to blow up your US listings with Amazon Live
  • First steps and next steps for using TikTok to catapult your brand



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