Manuel Suarez - The Power of Facebook for Amazon Sellers, ScaleForEtail London
  • Evening Event
    22nd May 2019
    6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Have you dabbled in Facebook ads and decided “they don’t work for me” ? Do you think “Facebook can’t work for Amazon sellers” ?

I know I have.

How would it change your business when you overcome that? When you break through and work out how to make Facebook work for your business? In a simple and repeatable way.

I understand the potential. Do you?

There are only a handful of internationally respected experts on Facebook Marketing. One of them is the man known as “The Facebook Ninja” : Manuel Suarez. In my opinion, he is the most relevant one for us – because he is also an e-commerce seller, and he knows how to make Facebook work for e-commerce and Amazon.

Manuel has spent millions of dollars on Facebook – so he has a unique perspective and ability to experiment to find what really works. Manuel has sold millions of dollars on Amazon in a SINGLE MONTH. In short: he knows what he is talking about.

And he is a wonderful and generous human being – we are honoured that he agreed to come to London and share his insights with the ScaleForEtail community. We hope you can join us and make the most of this opportunity.

Importantly, Manuel has not just “got lucky” and made this work for a single brand. He has grown (and sold) his own multi-million dollar brand, he has helped increased his father’s business 20x and he runs an agency, working successfully with a range of clients: doubling, quadrupling (and more) their revenues. In short, he has a simple and repeatable system. Join us to find out more!

Manuel likes to help people. Likes to help them expand and flourish in their lives.

And that’s what he wants to do for you.

Are you ready to level up?

Manuel Suarez - The Power of Facebook for Amazon Sellers, ScaleForEtail London


5 Ninja Tactics to Boost Your Amazon Brand with the Power of Facebook

1. Simple Facebook Ads for Amazon Sellers
2. Simple Content Creation for Your Amazon Brand
3. Dynamic creatives for Amazon Sellers
4. Split testing audiences and placements
5. Facebook Messenger to Nurture Your Amazon Customers

Event summary:

⭐ We’re at Amazon HQ. If you’ve not been before, come and see the UK head office!
⭐ We should have more than 100 Amazon and e-commerce business owners in attendance for you to make some new friends
⭐ Manuel Suarez is flying in to be the headline speaker and will blow your socks off
⭐ For those that want more detail there is an all-day Masterclass the next day
⭐ We’ll lay on food and drinks.
⭐ The event is from 6pm onwards on the 22nd of May.
⭐ Tickets are available now for those of you that like to be ahead of the game!

In short: it’s going to be the place to be in London that night!

We hope you are excited as us to have this world class speaker joining us at ScaleForEtail London. Buy your ticket today.

See you in May!

Christian, Ash, Richard and Shelley
The ScaleForEtail Team


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